Over 200 Faucets

Our software collect satoshi from over 200 faucet sites. All faucet sites can be found on www.faucetbox.com . If you own a faucet site and you want to be removed from our list please contact us.


Multiple capcthas

Our software support multiple captchas, like recaptcha, antibot, etc. The software won't solve the captchas automatically. You must complete manually all captcha responses.


Permanently Update

Our software is updating at least once on a week. We are adding new sites, removing down faucets, fixing existing faucets. We are open to suggestions. Contact us if you have one !


About Us


You must understand the we are working on this software on our free time. We are trying to keep the software alive as much as we can.

Our software is not for sale, it is and will remain free of use. If you want to make us a favor you can click on any ads from our website.

Minimum OS - to use our softwares

At least Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 10

Minimum PC performance

We reccommend Intel processor ( Core 2 Duo at 1.700 Mhz is enough ) , 2 GB of RAM.

Clean Minimalistic Design

We are trying to keep the software in a minimalistic design to be compatible with all Microsoft OS

Few Animated Elements

The lite version is using very few memory from your pc.

And many more...

We can even make a version to be compatible for your needs. We can give you access to advanced settings in software. ( Note - For this you need to make a special request )

Our Stats




Unique visitors


downloads is our main goal !

Software Screens

Software main window screen shot

This is how captcha must be inserted manually.

This is a screenshot of the software running with opened 10 sessions

The buttons explained

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