Faucet List

Information about faucets

Faucet Owners


  • Faucet Owner is a person who has his own faucet and gives coins to users.
  • If you don't have your own faucet yet, you can use our faucet script.
  • Go to signup page and create an account.
  • Activate currency and deposit some coins.
  • Obtain your API key and start using FaucetBOX API on your faucet!

Faucet Users


  • Faucet User is a person who visits many faucets to get coins from them.
  • You need to have cryptocurrency address (wallet). You don't have to register on FaucetBOX.com.
  • Check out our Faucets list and visit some faucets.
  • While visiting faucets provide your own cryptocurrency address.
  • When you claim coins from faucets they're sending them to FaucetBOX.com. When you'll collect enough coins to reach a payout threshold, we'll send them to your address - the one you provided on faucets.
  • You can check how much coins you have already collected on our check page. You can also change your payout threshold on that page.
  • To prevent others from changing your payout threshold you can sign a special message.